It was just after Frieza had destroyed Namek and Goku had destroyed Frieza. Or so he had thought. Frieza survived and was put together again by his father, King Cold. With new mechanical enhancements added to his strength, Frieza was stronger than ever. As he and his father raced towards Earth to wreak revenge on Goku's homeworld, the Z Fighters felt his energy approaching and realized the unthinkable. Frieza was alive and headed for Earth!
The Z Fighters assembled near where Frieza's ship was going to land. Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiatzou and even Bulma and Yajarobi were all there to try and stop the evil Frieza before he destroyed Earth.
As Frieza and his father landed the Z Fighters all felt how powerful Frieza had become. They knew that no matter how powerful he was, he MUST be stopped!

As Frieza and his father emerged from their ship a lone figure stood in the distance. King Cold's bodyguards attacked him, but he stood his ground and defeated them effortlessly. Frieza attacked the figure to no avail. It was a young boy that stood before Frieza. The two fought as the Z Fighters approached. Before their eyes he suddenly turned into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta was speechless, as were the rest. Vegeta, Goku and Gohan were supposed to be the only Saiyans left. Frieza was frozen with fear. Memories of Goku flashed through his mind. He was determined to destroy this "monkey".
The two fought. In the end Frieza was sliced in half by the boy's sword. King Cold was in shock that his son had just been killed by this Saiyan. He asked the boy if he could look at his sword, as it was a fine piece of workmanship. The boy handed it over. Once in King Cold's hands he raised it up and struck down towards the boy. The Saiyan boy grabbed the blade of the sword with one hand. He then killed King Cold as well.

The Z Fighters couldn't believe what they had just seen. As the boy walked over to them they were unsure if he was friend or foe. He told them he knew where and when Goku was landing and to follow him. A little hesitant, they all followed.

Everyone was intrigued by this strange boy. With a capsule corporation jacket on, Bulma asked if he worked for her Dad's company. The boy looked at her nervously.
Vegeta was not impressed by the boy's powers. He questioned the validity of this stranger's Saiyan abilities and scoffed at the idea that this boy was more powerful than himself.
The boy was friendly, yet shy. He seemed shrouded in mystery, but was still quite nice and friendly. The Z Fighters all had their own ideas about him and they all awaited Goku's arrival.